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Lilahpad Resuable Cloth Pantyliner



Please note that the choice of pattern will be random – but all the fabric choices are beautiful!

Materials used:

  • The top layer (this is the one touching your skin) is made from soft organic undyed and unbleached cotton flannel (GOTS certified).
  • The outer layer (the one touching your undies) is 100% cotton backed with waterproof PUL fabric.
  • The one soaking layer in the middle is a heavy organic bamboo fleece.

Pantyliners are to be used as you would a disposable pantyliner to take care of any discharge/first signs of your period.

These pads will become softer and more absorbent the more you wash them.

Pantyliners are 7.5cm wide (when fastened) and 22cm long.

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