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Kinn Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate




This brilliant multi-surface cleaner delivers a luxurious natural lemongrass or lavender & rosemary scent, incredible cleaning and peace of mind thanks to our no-nonsense, non-toxic, natural plant-based ingredients. Now available in a concentrated refill, helping you save on single-use packaging, space and time.

Each 30ml bottle to make 500ml of product when water is added.

Available in Lavender & Rosemary or Lemongrass.

Good for you:

  • Plant-based natural ingredients and fragrances; non toxic and non-disruptive to our very important endocrine systems
  • Zero harsh chemicals; kinder to skin
  • Lemongrass essential oil; naturally antibacterial, proven to reduce anxiety (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2015)
  • Relaxing lavender essential oil; naturally antibacterial, proven to boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Rosemary essential oil; naturally antibacterial, increases brain wave activity and improves mood (Study: Scientia Pharmaceutica)
  • Non toxic for pets and children; worry-free cleaning
  • Smart subscription offer, making eco-friendly cleaning easy

Good for the Planet:

  • Help to stop single-use plastic pollution, with our KINN keep-me bottle
  • Non toxic; free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic fragrance and harsh chemicals
  • All recyclable packaging; less environmental impact and worry-free bin days
  • No animal by-product; certified vegan
  • Less packaging; less energy to produce, less emissions to transport and lower carbon footprint
  • Produced locally in the UK

Good for your home:

  • Smells incredible; the luxurious scent of a five-star hotel brought to your home. Compliments guaranteed
  • Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; kills bacteria, gets rid of grime and tackles limescale
  • Safe for septic tanks
Ingredients What it is? What does it do?
sodium citrate Non- EDTA metal ion chelator from soy Softens water to boost cleaning performance
Sodium carbonate Baking soda disperses safely in the environment; abundant mineral source
Alky poly glucoside Surfactant – cleaning agent Readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars and coconut oil
Fragrance Lemongrass or Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oils Gives the product a pleasant odour & added health benefits
Phenoxyethanol Preservative Antimicrobial- Broad Spectrum activity

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Lemongrass, Lavender & Rosemary


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