Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarb of Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate,  NaHCO3

Three different names, all the same product!
Bicarb it really is one of my favourite cleaning products and i bet every house has it.
Here are some of my uses:

Sprinkle some in my bin or pop a little bowl under my sink (i also drop some essential oils into it too but that’s optional).

A bowl in my fridge when i’m going on holidays.

Also can sprinkle in stinky shoes too.

I mix a few tablespoons with purification oil and sprinkle on my mattress or carpets and leave for 30mins, then hoover off. Gives them a deep clean!


Anytime i’d find myself wanting a cream based cleaning product (think jif) i make a little paste with either castile soap or theives cleaner and rub onto oven/hob/shower tray/sink/white trainers/scuffs on skirting etc and then wipe off.

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