Natural Cleaning shopping list

I get asked this question daily and numerous times. I probably just forget that my head was fried when I first realised that the products I was cleaning my home with 4 years ago weren’t the best for myself and my family’s health. No I do want to say – are we still alive after using bleach for 40 years YES, of course we are – BUT now that I know that bleach and the conventional products i bought in the supermarket for years actually have an adverse affect on health – i want better for us. I also want products that work, and products that don’t cost me any more. I have tried so many products over the past 4 years, including supermarket “eco” brands which actually aren’t much better than the main brands. I am so thankfully that there are more and more clean, natural brands being brought into the market because it means you will be able to make swaps a lot easier.

I thought to make it super duper easy for you, i would list out all the products that I sell and use, for all the areas in my home. These are the products I use and completely vouch for, if I didn’t I wouldn’t sell them.

I have linked lots of the products and also links to older instagram posts for some of the DIYS.

Thee ultimate natural cleaning product list:

Personally there’s not many more places i clean in my house and If i’ve forgotten something you can bet your bottom dollar that if you’ve these items above, you’ll have the products to sort it.

I have a extensive natural cleaning guide that looks at each of these areas in greater detail and also has my favourite DIYS as well as tips and tricks it is available to purchase for £4.95 HERE

I hope this will be a help to you when you come to make some swaps! Remember if you’ve already swapped, leave a review on the products you love to help others male the change. Thank you for supporting me and shop small and local.

Laura J x