Thats a wrap!

I don’t know how much attention you’ve paid this month with “aswapadaymay” but looking at the amount of DMs, shares, interactions, new followers over on Instagram, over the past 31 days, I feel you have been listening and watching.

Maybe you’ve made a few swaps, maybe you were about because of the giveaways, maybe you think it’s all crazy or maybe you were just listening.

Whatever stage of this sustainable living journey you are on, can I say, we are all in it together and we have so much to learn, from each other.

Some have said it has been a bit overwhelming.

I want to say sorry. On the other hand I can’t apologise for sharing the things I did this month.

I have read articles for hours upon hours, contradictory articles at times that have made me pull my hair out and fall to pieces many evenings. I feel have presented facts this month, which are true, and I hope my passion has came across in a good challenging, encouraging way and not aggressive/judgemental in any way.

I am going to urge you to read as well. What might work for me, might not necessarily  work for you. You must tweak and adapt it to suit you and your home.

Some of the swaps I have chatted this about, they aren’t set in stone. They aren’t even set in stone for me, as i’m always researching and finding new better ways.

Will there be weeks that I might have a complete ready meal shop..YES.

Might I have to go buy a bottle of bleach some day (I hope not) but YES.

Will our home ever be plastic free….hand on heart, unless drastic changes from businesses/government take place…I can’t see it…but I’ll still plod on and make changes were and when I can.

We may disagree on some of the things i’ve said, but the major fact stands firm…we have been destroying our home we have been blessed with and unless WE ACT NOW in 30 years things are going to be a lot more uncomfortable than having to drink your McDonalds with a paper straw! FACT.

The first line of this blog said “thats a wrap”, but I all think we know it’s far from finished. When we all start to take our first steps, we might feel crazy, are we actually even making a difference? We may get strange looks, but slowly those gentle ripples will cause an engulfing wave.

For all those negative comments from friends, family, co-workers can I just leave this with you.

YOU are the gatekeeper to your home.

You make the decisions that is right for YOUR family and the earth around you.

As  little gift from me to you for all your support, I commissioned a piece of art from an amazing local artist Sarah Cameron ( you can follow Sarah-Jayne here on instagram, she’s one to watch).

I hope you will download it, keep in your phone or even print it out.

Have it as a reminder that you are your gatekeeper, no one else!



All my love.

Laura J xo

5 thoughts on “Gatekeepers”

  1. Loved following along , have learnt quite a bit more to being eco friendly around the home. Cling film, toothbrushes and bleach being the ones I wasn’t already doing, thanks for taking all the time to share , XXX

  2. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 31 days of ideas. I’ve passed over a few that don’t apply to me but I’ve taken inspiration from a lot of what you’ve highlighted. Thank you for all your hard work. X

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