Oven Cleaning

Cleaning your oven. Probably the most hated job to do in your house…that’s why we either ignore it, or pay someone £50 to do it.

No one is going to admit to wanting to do that job, never mind enjoy cleaning it.

What if i told you that cleaning your oven isn’t hard, and its actually something that you can keep on top of, so it doesn’t turn into one of those jobs that you just close your eyes too.

If your smoke alarm does off regularly, if your kitchen stinks when the oven is switched on, or if smoke comes out when you open your oven door….i am honestly sorry to tell you this…..YOUR OVEN NEEDS CLEANED.

Hands up if you reach for the £2.99 bottle of oven pride from Home Bargains…yip that was me too. Lets face it, you are actaully just amazing if you do it yourself, so well done, at least you know what oven pride is!

But I bet you hate those big plastic bags of gunk, you hate the blue gloves, and you hate that toxic smell. I bet you even are scared when you cook your first dish after you’ve used it….am I right?

Well I am about to become your fairy godmother…just call me Laurabelle.


Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Take all the trays, racks, and even the side racks out of the oven. Yes you heard it right, those side racks (on most modern ovens) will pop out…..if you didn’t know’re welcome and i’ve now made cleaning the oven nearly 90% easier in this 1st step
  2. Fill up your sink with pretty hot water and add some laundry powder (i used a scoop of Norwex laundry powder and a teaspoon of Norwex cleaning paste). I also lined my sink with an old towel to stop it scratching. OR Create a paste with water/baking soda and smother your trays/grills in it and leave to sit on an old towel (this is a bit messier, but still works).
  3. Leave for an hour then take an old toothbrush and rub the grim away. Stubborn stains make take a second application, but it worked first time for me. For the pan i had a bit of a stubborn stain, so after i removed the baking soda paste, i sprayed it with apple cider vinegar and rubbed it with coarse sea salt. It was completely removed. That’s your trays done.(It actually only took mine 30 mins in the laundry solution).
  4. The inside. This can take a couple of attempts, depending on how dirty it is…but stick with it, because it really works! I find its best if your oven was slightly warm (literally switch on low for a few mins). Create a paste with baking soda and water…about 8 tablespoons and adding a little water at a needs to be thick enough to stick to the walls of your’ll’ve got eyes! Now smear this paste all over the sides and bottom of the oven (i never go near the back or the element). Leave for 12 hours….so best to do this overnight. Now i left mine for 6 hours as i was impatient/excited, so i needed a little elbow grease at the end…but my arms needed a workout anyway. and it worked. So after you’ve left the paste on for 6-12 hours…rub it off. Then spray with apple cider vinegar and put a little coarse salt on a cloth and start rubbing and the tougher marks. And soon you’ll have a sparkling oven.
  5. Do the same for your oven door…a little baking soda paste…leave for a few hours…rub off (i used an enviro sponge to remove mine).
  6. Pop your trays back in and you are good to go. NO NASTY TOXINS, and you’ll not worry about the smell getting on your food, as there is none!

There you have it. It works. I honestly adore this method. Please, PLEASE give it a go…I think you will be as surprised as me!!

Love Laurabelle xo


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