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If you’re like me you are never on top of the washing pile. Ever. Its like a magical pile, on minute its empty and wham bam thank you mam (literally mam) its full again.

In this blog I am going to chat about your washing detergent and softener, I pre-warn you at least 50% of you are not going to like me by the end of this…but I know you’ll be glad you have this information at hand!

All of the supermarket aisle detergents, softeners and stain removers aren’t good! You only even need to get some of those stain removers on your skin and it turns white…imagine that being close to your skin all day and also next to your little ones skin too.

It has been estimated that up to 15 million people (1 in 5 kids) in the UK could be living with eczema. Information shows that in 2015, GPs in England wrote about 27 million prescriptions for the topical agents used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis(eczema) at a cost of approximately £169 million…wow!!

And one of the main reasons is detergents and what we use in our washing machine.

Lets now think of the environment and waterways. All these toxic substances that we use to wash our clothes (but they are toxic, whether its pastel pink, blue or yellow) are then being sent back into our waterways and leaking into our environment.

Maybe makes you think its time for a change? Maybe not?

This was the hardest change for me and took me over a year till i finally had enough.

Funnily enough it was having a constant smell and my laundry drawer always building up with black gunk that finally made me switch. YES all that dirt and the stinky stench that can come from your machine is all a build of of washing powder and softener!

Did you know that you ONLY need softener because of detergent? Detergent is filled with so much rubbish that it hardens and makes our clothes smell. So you need something with a HIGH synthetic fragrance to mask it…true story.

So enough preaching. As i say its a hard one to get your head around and I totally understand.But one day like it did with me, IT WILL CLICK.

Below is some product testing to show you the gunk and fillers in your laundry products…and yes i stuck my finger in it for you!


Surf powder and comfort. This was gross when i stuck my finger in….and the thickest/hard layer of the three.
Method detergent and Ecover softener. You can see the gunk that is in this one. Only a tiny clear (albeit pink dyed) layer at the bottom.
norwex powder
Sample showing how the Norwex powder breaks down in water.

Another thing to be aware of is supermarket ECO brands. Please download the APP “think dirty” and you will see that many brands like “Method” and “Ecover” do not get good ratings, often similar to non eco brands. So be careful what you buy. You think you are doing good but actually you are spending (usually) more money for no real difference!


So what do I use…if you follow me on instagram you now im a total Norwex Laundry powder girl. I have tried another Ecos brand and tried soap nuts, and although they have and do work for others, they didn’t work for me. I also tried making my own laundry powder, and it smelt divine and did wash the clothes ok….I then found this piece of research and it completely put me off.

Have a wee read at the article for yourself. Again there is different factors to take into consideration, but its not something i am willing to chance!

So whats the deal with the Norwex powder?

The Norwex detergents are free from Phosphates, phthalates, Fragrances, ammonia, Optical brighteners, Chlorine, Dyes, Fillers (like glass…that’s why you get holes in your clothes) and Bleach.

Its a highly concentrated powder that contains biodegradable surfactants. (which you do need from modern washing machines…soap really only works if you’re going to get your washboards out again!)

You’ll also not need any softener! Trust me! But it can take a few washes to get rid of the build up from your old products.

I know honestly think our clothes are softener, we haven’t had any tiny holes in our clothes, the air is lighter when we are airing them inside, my boys say they prefer our clothes now that they don’t smell of “perfume”, my machine doesn’t smell and I have no funky gunk build up in the machine and machine drawer.

I think the main problem is there is NO smell. But what does CLEAN smell of?? For me its when it doesn’t have a bad smell. Its fresh. Trust me I have stinky stinky gym kits to wash so it works. Does it get whites really white…i don’t think so, but then i never got whites white, i think they always grey over time. I do add a little sodium percarbonate or baking soda to my white loads  and that helps to combat having no optical whiteners in the powder.

If I want a little scent (maybe on my bed clothes) I pop a little Essential oil (i like lemongrass) onto my tumble dryer balls and it pops a little subtle scent onto the clean sheets.

If you decide to make the switch to a Natural laundry detergent (Norwex, soap nuts, ecoegg) make sure you detox your machine first.

Washing machine Detox:

  1. Take out your laundry powder drawer…it should just pull out, and soak in a sink with some washing up liquid in it. The get a soapy cloth and cover your hand with it and then get into that hole where your drawer came out. Now brace yourself it could get very yucky…but get that hole cleaned!! Pop your drawer back in once its cleaned. (if you have a steamer you could also steam clean inside the drawer space).
  2. Clean inside the machine rubber, again i’d use a mild soapy cleaner (Sals Suds would be amazing or just a dish liquid) and get cleaning that seal. You might have some staining, and sadly that’s there to stay!
  3. Now its time for a detox wash. Pop 3 tbsp baking soda into the powder section, and 6 tablespoons of white vinegar (trust me) into the laundry softener drawer. Now put on a 90C wash and let it do its magic.
  4. You are ready to roll.
  5. If you have a new machine you wont have to do this. If you have just bought a new machine, please start it off right by using natural products!!


With regards to pricing you get around 100 loads per bag, (you only use 1/3 to 1/2 scoop per load) so that works out at 24p per load. You’ll also be reducing dramatically the amount of plastic bottles in your home!

So there we have it. My advice on laundry powder. If you’ve any more questions please get in touch!


Laura J x

**Please note I am not a fan of the Norwex laundry liquid, tried it but the powder definitely is the best for me and my family.**


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