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Hi Laura, I’m new to Eco cleaning, and I genuinely have no idea where to start. I’ve a small family and I want to move away from the amount of chemicals I’m using around our home. Please help me to get started!

I get asked this a lot.

And I love answering the question.

So I thought Id type it out for everyone to see.

There is a minefield of products from cloths to laundry powder and mops to washing liquid, and it all sounds rather costly doesn’t it, especially when you have to start from scratch.

Most know (if you don’t you will now) that i am a Norwex consultant, but i also chat and talk about other products, and if they are good I will say so and even use them myself.

I will hold my hands up now though and say i have used other brands of Microfibre/Eco cloths and they just do not compare to the quality of the Norwex ones, and that’s me being honest. I was using the products for well over a year before i decided to join. I will always be honest, you can trust me on that. People say that our products are costly, but believe me they work out SO MUCH cheaper in the long-term, and i’ll always try to get you what you need for the best price possible through our packages and deals!

Also try other brands!! I tend to not try other brands now, because i have found products that work and have invested in…so please, try others…i can only advise you on what I have tried and tested myself.

So if you were a complete newbie, or you were even moving into your first home, what would be on my list for you. This is a complete extensive list for the whole house, and you could pick and choose where you wanted to start. I also think, if you were getting married, some of the things on this list would make fabulous gifts (well maybe not fab, but very practical!)


I use a Dust Mitt (find it here). Absolutely no disposable dusters or polish. They are costly, bad for the environment and just not needed. I used to use disposable dusters thinking they saved time, believe…this dust mitt is the time saver. I also adore my envirowand, and its great for the skirting, tops of wardrobes, tvs etc….places i used to never dust now gets done weekly and so quickly!

Kitchen Counters/sinks/cooker tops:

Prepare to free yourself from about 4 bottles of product. I use one cloth. ONE! The enviro cloth. It really is a little cloth with big power. Here’s a little about the cloth:

  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following proper use and care
  • Contains BacLock® an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only
  • Helps eliminate the need for kitchen roll and chemical laden cleaners
  • Significantly reduces the use of costly cleaning products
  • Ultra-thick and absorbent to pick-up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths
  • Holds several times its weight in water
  • Made of more than 10 million feet of microfibre for more effective cleaning power.

All you need is water! It removes spills from pans on my stainless steel hob and doesn’t scratch the surface…and i use no cleaner….before i would have been spraying stainless steel cleaner over it…not anymore!

I will admit that I like giving it a spray once/Twice a week with diluted Theives natural cleaner (a young living product) or a dilution of water/essential oils (orange/lemon/peppermint are my favourite), but this is just a physiological thing about scent, and not for cleaning properties at all (although the thieves does have brilliant cleaning power).

Dish washing:

Norwex Dish cloth and Enviro Sponge. Brilliant for dishes. I use a variant of dish liquids. (its a hard one to get your head around due to the lack of bubbles, but im getting there!) My favourites are Dr.Bronner’s Sals Suds, i buy mine from Amazon; Kinn Living Sweet Orange washing liquid and the Norwex washing liquid (i dilute mine to get x4 the amount….sneaky tip!!).

You can find my recipe for my DIY dishwasher powder HERE.

Bathrooms (sinks, tiles, showers, toilets):

You’ll fall in love with your enviro cloth and window cloth here. This is were the magic happens, in your bathroom. I clean with my wet enviro and then dry and shine with my window. This will make your taps, sinks and shower doors SHINE. Sometimes i need water marks removed on the taps so I use this Descaler or this cleaning paste (you could also make a paste with baking soda/water, leave on and use a tooth brush to remove).

For mould and mildew (the wee black spots in your shower), I use this remover. If you have mould/mildew under your silicon in your shower, you’ll need to remove the silicon, clean it and then reseal.

Toilets…another biggie! I adored the antibacterial wipes and bleach, who wouldn’t…it is your toilet for goodness sake. BUT now, i use a Enviro cloth (a separate small one JUST for my toilets) to clean the lid and seat and i use sodium percarbonate/natural bleach for disinfectant (and to get rid of skid marks). I also make my own toilet fizz which is great between cleans, you can find recipe here. I buy my sodium percarbonate from here.

Now yes my toilets are only 3 years old, so they are nice and new, but i don’t have a single yellow stain on them. If there is any staining around the seat/lid (i have boys in my house) I use the cleaning paste and it removes them, easy peesy (see what I did there).


Simples. A enviro cloth to wash and a window cloth to dry and buff. AND WATER. Your windows will sparkle.


I have two methods for my floors. and both involve water only and NO DIRTY MOP BUCKET, but i think most people don’t have a mop bucket anymore.

1st: Karcher steam cleaner. I have the SC5 and I adore it. I’ll use it maybe twice a month. Again I only use water, but if i’m wanting some scent, I pop a few drops of my favourite essential oil in the water tank or a capful of theives cleaner. This cleaner is also fab for steaming the toilets (i do this every 6 weeks or so) and for cleaning grout or your washing machine drawer (have you looked in there recently…go do it!)

2nd: The Norwex superior mop system. Its a brilliant system. You have a dry pad for sweeping and then a wet pad for cleaning. Simply fill the sink with water (again essential oils up to you…not needed or advised..but i still do it…i’m a rebel), soak the pad, squeeze it out then drop on floor and use the mop base to attach..its so simple and i will show a demo of this over the next week on my Instagram.


I’m going to be doing a separate blog for this. But the current product that I can stand behind and vouch for is the norwex powder! Its an unscented powder, but it cleans your clothes. I use Woolly tumble dryer balls as well, for my towels. Helps soften them after air-drying and the dryer balls, cut down the time needed in the dryer. Home bargains used to sell them or you can buy them here.

So as a recapp and to end….i’m going to list below whats in my kit. I’ll split it up in basic/daily and then a “special product one”

Daily/weekly kit:

  • Enviro x2 (one for bathroom, one for kitchen)
  • Window cloth x1  (for your bathroom and windows).
  • Dust Mitt x1
  • Envirowand x1
  • Dish cloth (the netted one)
  • Envirosponge
  • Laundry powder
  • Sodium percarbonate (natural bleach)
  • Superior mop System

Special bits:

  • Cleaning paste
  • Theives cleaner and Theives oil (young living)
  • A few essential oils
  • Sal’s Suds
  • Mould mildew remover
  • Stain remover (clothes)
  • Descaler
  • Tumble dryer balls

Natural cleaning kit:

  • Baking soda
  • Citric Acid
  • Coarse Salt
  • Lemons
  • Sodium Percarbonate
  • Soda crystals

(you could go hardcore and have a separate Enviro and window just for your windows..but i don’t…i just do my windows as and when and normally after i’ve done the bathrooms and then throw my cloths in the washing machine (don’t use softener!!!).

I advise before you buy any of the Norwex products to send me a wee DM on instagram, as their are special packages that will save you 10%…and there are always differnet monthly offers! Would hate you to be spending more money than you need to! Leaves more in the purse for everything else life throws at you!!

Also you can decide to go hardcore, or just start with certain areas. Entirely up to you, either way i’m here to help you make the changes.

Hope this has helped,


Laura J







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