Mince Masterpiece

You have all blown my mind with the messages in my stories last week about my mince!!

Honestly it is one of my most talked about hints and tips on my instagram account at the minute.

The humble cottage pie.

So I thought I’d give it its place and write up my method to the best Cottage pie around.

Many have got in touch saying they add worchester sauce, balsamic vinegar into the mix, I even had someone tell me they make their stock with strong brewed TEA… I kid you not!!

But hey ho below are my tips for a good cottage pie.

1. Fry your mince and onion in a little olive oil to brown. After browning it’s time for my best secret. Get your hand blender (don’t panic you’re not pureeing it) you are just going to give it a light blitz, to make it a little finer, nearly puffing it up a bit.

2. Add your beef stock pot, your diced carrots and then 3tsp bisto powder to a full cup of water (not a big mug, just a normal cup).

3. Simmer until carrots are softened and your mince is of a nice thick consistency (if you need a little more bisto to thicken do so now and simmer for another 10mins.

4. That’s your base! I freeze this in little tin foil dishes and then defrost on the morning I’m having it for dinner, and top off with mashed potato. I cheat and use mash direct… but you can mash your own.. completely up to you!

So that’s it… nothing fancy.

Plain and simple… but the secrets in the light blitzing of the mince (I do this with my lasagne and spaghetti bols too)

If you do make it, tagged me in your picture @thehomelyhaven and use #mincemasterpiece

Here’s to simple dinners eh?

Laura J xx

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