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That time of busy schedules is upon us again!

School is back and along with it, is mums taxi service.

The evenings are getting darker and there is nothing more satisfiying than a home cooked meal for dinner.

Wait there is! A BATCHED cooked home meal.

If you read my previous blogs here and here you will find a few of my “go to” dinners, but I wanted to add to my list of batch meals this season and have found some winners already.

I’m not one for really taking pictures of my dinners once they come out of the oven, as I want to eat them (and my husband would give me ‘the look’) so the photos below will have came along with the recipes found on pinterest.

I LOVE kitchen sanctuary and a lot of the recipes you’ll find on my blog are from Nicky. The recipes are all delicious and everything I’ve tried has been a huge success! Go follow her on pinterest and also on instagram… you’ll thank me later! You can also sign up to her weekly email and it arrives just in time for the weekend!

Chicken and Mushroom puff pastry pots.

Find recipe here

With this recipe I froze half the chicken mixture and defrosted the morning I needed it and put on a fresh puff pastry lid. I served with baked potato and broccoli. Totally gorgeous. The amount made 4 pots, enough for 2 dinners for myself and Rik. Need to double the quantities next time to make enough for 4 weeks dinners!

Oven cooked Rogan Josh.

Find recipe here

Richard told me this was the nicest curry hes ever tasted…and Richard is a very fussy man!! I freaked out a little as their is yoghart in the marinade, and knew it would look a little curdled, but it was looks only and the taste is UNREAL. Id need to adjust the quantities again as this recipe only made enough to 4 portions! We served it with wholegrain rice and yoghart/cucumber.

Steak Diane Casserole

Find recipe here

This steak Diane casserole is my favourite of the 4 new recipes. The sauce is so rich and soul warming. After I have taken the casserole out of the oven, I divide it into four portions and freeze. Upon reheating in the oven (about 20mins), I simply add a little cream for the last few minutes of cooking. DO NOT add the cream before you freeze!

Last up Beef Ragu

find recipe here

This is a more adult version of spaghetti Bols…and have have to say the sauce is so rich and delicious. Again I froze in 4 portions and reheated up in the microwave (you can do oven if you like). Served with wholegrain pasta and lashing of Parmesan! This will be on repeat all autumn,

I batch cook all of these recipes and pop into plastic (soon to be glass) containers and keep in the freezer. I tend to do batch cooking, the first week of the month, but it can get a bit manic, so i’ve started splitting over two weeks.

I don’t use a slow cooker, as i’m in the house every day, but all the recipes i’ve shared can be adapted for the SC and that might work better for people out working!

Hope you’ll try a few of these recipes and make sure you let me know how you get on!!


Laura J xo

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