Meal planning!

Sundays is online shopping day, as i love my cupboards and fridge full on a monday!
I also do out a meal plan for the week, to save all the wondering of “what to have for dinner”, and it saves lots of unnecessary trips to the shops.
I always check what i have in the freezer and cupboards first (especially towards the end of the month) as this can help decide what we might be eating that week; when I don’t i end up with too many boxes of rice krispies!
I’m going to be honest, my boys don’t eat the same meals as us, it kills me, but i’ve learnt not to dwell on it… someday they will and until then is a diet of chicken, fries and pasta.

I’m a great believer in batch cooking as it means we can have homemade, fresh food with the convenience of just lifting it from the freezer. It does take up 4/5 hours every 3/4 weeks, but it’s so worth it!
So here i’m sharing my top 10 tasty, healthy meals (some are suitable for freezing, others are just quick and simple) , with the hope of giving you some inspiration.

1. Thai Green Curry served with wholegrain rice. Find recipe here.

To make this even more delicious, serve with jasmine rice!

2. Lasagne served with green salad (crusty bread optional). Recipe here.

3. Summer Pesto Chicken served with whole grain rice. Find recipe for pesto here and recipe for the dish here.


4. Beef stroganoff served with wholegrain rice. Find recipe here

5. Puff pastry chicken pie served with sweet potato wedges. Find recipe here

6. Beef Curry, served with raijta and whole grain rice. Find recipe here. The curry freezes well. For the raijta i just use, low fat greek yoghurt and diced cucumber.

7. Tomato & Basil pasta with Garlic chicken. Find recipe for the sauce here. The sauce freezes well.

8. Hungarian Goulash served with wholegrain rice. Find recipe here. This freezes well.

9. Cajun stuffed chicken breast served with lime creme fraiche and wholegrain rice. Find recipe here.

10. Chicken satay served with wholegrain rice. Find recipe here. I freeze the marinated chicken pieces, but found if you froze the sauce, it went lumpy!

For nights that i’m being lazy, you can’t beat pizza or breaded chicken breast with salad and wedges! Or let’s face it… if you’ve cooked all week…. treat yourself to dinner out.

Hopefully these will give you some inspiration and maybe make it onto your weekly rota!
Laura x

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