Top Five Household Tips!

My top tips for managing a household.
Whether you are a Stay at home mum, work part time, full time, have 10 kids, 2 kids or no kids.

We all need to manage and keep our house running!

As you know i’m currently at home, but i volunteer 2 mornings a week, and i’m always that person that ends up doing loads of stuff….. because you’ve guessed it “because I do nothing”.

So I still love a good routine and structure in my life. To be honest I need it, I’d fall apart if i didn’t.

So i thought i’d scribble down my top tips for running an effective home. Please read them lightly… some might be for you, some not. Some you might laugh at and others might actually help you. Some might be totally obvious, but when you are in a state of disarray, you might just need the obvious stated 😉

Here we go…….

1. Get your shopping delivered. I use tesco and I have never had any problems. I get mine weekly and it’s such a game changer. I think you spend at least 15% more when you go to the supermarkets, so this not only saves valuable time, but money!

I do pop to Lidl too, but you literally can get everything you need within 15 minutes in that place.

**Top tip… Lidls formil washing liquid is under £3 and that’s for 40 washes…. amazing!!**

2. Have one day a week that you clean. That’s it. Unless there has been major carnage in a room, it only gets hoovered, dusted and moped once a week. (i do brush the kitchen floor each evening.. not a total dirt bag). I also just have to mention here, that i’ve recently been converted to Norwex cleaning products. I can now clean my house, top to bottom in just over 2 hours…. that’s pretty impressive! And i mean, showers, floors, skirtings… everything! Check out Norwex for more details!

3. Batch cooking, This is a game changer. I love cooking from scratch, and lots of the dishes i make don’t take that long. But doing larger batches, means that a few hours every 3/4 weeks. It’s so lovely to know that you’ve a healthy meal just sitting in the freezer for tea time. I’ll pop up my top 10 meals on another blog.

4. Meal planning. Write out your weekly menu. I do this every sunday, before i do my online shop. This definitely helps food wastage (something i am totallyagainst), saves time thinking about what you’re eating, and also is a visual to the hubby what he’s eating every night!

5. Give your kids chores around the house! My boys have always had tiny chores, but know they are older (10/12) it’s there job to keep their rooms tidy (i clean), to set and clear the dinner table, to empty the dishwasher, to do the recycling and to clean the inside the car. It earns them money for their fifa and sweetie addiction 😫

*Special working mum tip* If you are out working full time, weekends can be such precious time to spend with the family. My top tip for you is to hire a cleaner!!! When i worked outside of the home, it was the best £30 a week i ever spent. Trust me you won’t regret it.

Now i’ve typed this all out, they seem so basic and probably no help whatsoever, but people do ask how i manage to cram so much into my week, and this is how i do it!

Hope you’ve been able to take something from my little ramblings.

Laura xx

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